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Artificial Grass Rathfarnham - Aspects of Landscaping

Artificial grass Rathfarnham was the best product for this back garden design by Aspects of Landscaping. Another idea behind this garden design created by a local landscape gardener in Rathfarnham, Dublin 6W is to create a low maintenance and safe space for children.
The whole area of this back garden design is approximately 60m2 and posed two challenges for our local landscape gardener - Aspects of Landscaping:
The first challenge is you create a completely drained back garden area without any place water collects. Aspects of Landscaping excavated around 12m3 of soil and levelled the ground with the same amount of compacted hardcore. Our team compacted and levelled another 4 tons of grit sand to level the area and lay artificial grass Rathfarnham. Both materials - hardcore and grit-sand - have created perfect drainage for the whole back garden and perfectly levelled surface for synthetic turf grass. Borders around the garden were set up with split granite grey brick.
The second challenge for the Aspects of Landscaping team was to set up artificial turf grass in an extremely elevator area. Aspects of Landscaping spread 2 tons of silica sand and pinned the synthetic grass with 25cm long pins. Granite edging was a perfect choice as a borderline and holder for the artificial turf grass. As a final stage of the back garden design, all the walls were painted and a wooden fence panel was hung for privacy. Wooden planters were erected with two clematis climbers and the decking area was cleaned up to finish everything off.
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