Gardening services Dublin

Gardening services Dublin and garden maintenance

Aspects of Landscaping provides all season gardening services Dublin program and "garden maintenance"  program including:

  • Hedge/tree pruning
  • Mowing with collection or mulching
  • Edging, line-trimming
  • Blowing and clean-up
  • Weed control – spraying and hand weeding
  • Fertilisation
  • Tree care
  • Irrigation repair and maintenance
  • Drainage repair
  • Supplying and planting
  • Roll out turf grass, seeding
  • Power washing

Aspects of Landscaping works according to the gardening services Dublin plan. Each plan and contract is prepared for each individual client's garden. The landscaping company offers comprehensive weekly, fortnightly and all season gardening services in the Republic of Ireland. Aspects of Landscaping lays out what and when each garden service and garden maintenance will be performed. The main packages of gardening services and garden maintenance consist of:

  • Grass cutting, mulching with a collection. Our qualified gardeners perform grass cutting according to the proper height for each season.
  • Edging of the kerbs along the paths and driveways is one of the actions our team performs as a standard.
  • Blowing of the hard surfaces from debris and leftovers of green waste. Aspects of Landscaping performs blowing of the paths, car parks, driveways. Our crew will also blow the lawns if needed during autumn season in order to remove leaves before grass cutting.
  • Litter and debris will be collected and removed from the site prior to grass cutting.
  • Spraying will be performed by the Aspects of Landscaping team once a month from March until October.
  • Hedge cutting and pruning will be performed twice a year as a standard package of gardening services and garden maintenance (spring and autumn pruning).
  • Our clients also have an option regarding tree pruning, fertilisation of the grass areas twice a year, hedge and bush area fertilisation, a frequency of spraying if needed. The Landscaping company offers snow clearance and removal, grit sand and salt spreading.

For more information or a free quote please contact our office at +353 01 606 0759 or  Magdalena's mobile +353 087 173 5150

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