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Timber products, timber fencing

[gallery ids="3308,3309,3310,3311,3312,3313,3314,3316,3317,3318,3321,3322,3323,3324,3325,3326,3327,3328,3330,3332,3333,3315,3334,3335,3336,3337,3338,3339,3340,3341,3342,3343,3344,3345,3346"] Timber products, timber fencing PERGOLA, GAZEBO AND ARBOURS are one of the most common landscape garden design features. They are shaded sitting areas or walkways that are created by vertically set up posts with beams going across and an open lattice. After the structure is completed the climber plants can by trained to…
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Composite decking Dublin

┬áComposite decking Dublin Composite decking Dublin is the perfect combination of wood sawdust and PVC. It is a durable and an effective solution for your back garden as patio area or balconies floor. The colours and choices of the design make composite boards a product that meets the needs of demanding clients. It's durability and…
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Residential Garden Design Lucan

[gallery ids="3347,3348,3349,3350,3351"] Residential Garden Design Lucan Residential garden design┬áLucan and commercial garden design are both part of the Aspects of Landscaping services on offer. This main entrance to the college and front garden design project based in Lucan, County Dublin was one of the public spaces that Aspects of Landscaping, teachers and most of all…
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